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A Travelling Job Experience

by Anna Stenning

If, like me, you dream of travelling around the globe but without the grim prospect of feeling out of pocket all the time, then travel jobs will be the answer for you. It is all good to spend more or less a year saving up for a long trip around the globe and unless you are super-efficient at budgeting on a daily basis, and have no problem with keeping track of your pennies when you are out abroad then perhaps this option is a safe bet for you.

However, if like me again, you want to be able to travel around without having to worry about how much you going to spend on a daily basis but would like to earn some money for the experience, then perhaps looking into travel jobs will be ideal and suited to you. Employment in travel can vary greatly. Some are geared towards going to holiday destinations and acting as a rep for the company. Others can be within a chosen career path as an intern and in a country as far away as India!

Most people decide to travel after graduating or during a gap year at university, within that time period they may have decided to take on a small bar work for a bit of extra cash or more specifically have had to apply for a work visa to work for a small company and extend their stay. Other travel jobs can come in the form of acting as a camping counsellor and working with youths abroad. These jobs require more information and experience from applicants; though they are well paid, it requires some skill in communication, arts, crafts, cooking and hands-on manual work.

Working in travel may require some language skills, particularly when applying in France, Germany, Morrocco, Italy and Russia. A basic understanding maybe enough for small businesses, but other internship roles will specify a strong understanding of the native language with proven evidence e.g. A-Level or degree in a specific language.

Another popular form of travelling and working is enrolling onto a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course, which requires applicants to follow a structured course in teaching English abroad (popular destinations include Italy, China and Korea), gaining an accredited certificate in teaching then being assigned to a designated country for a period of time. Some of the placements offer substantial lodging as part of your salary.

One thing that is vital before embarking on a decision like this, always do your research about the organisation you going to sign up for regarding travel jobs and the country of your placement. Having some knowledge about working abroad, your rights, your pay structure and boarding facilities will enable you to be prepared for the worst should anything go wrong. Very often, these programmes rarely face issues but it is always better to be prepared nonetheless. Therefore, if you are thinking about travelling one day, then perhaps a little researching may help. Travelling these days is not as expensive as they used to be, making it easier for people to just go and experience an opportunity that may not rise in the future.

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