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Negotiating a Raise

One day you may wake up and realize that you're worth more than you're being paid. However, putting in a request for a raise can be intimidating. This article explains how to make the best case possible.

1. Find out what your company's policies are regarding raises. When you go into a meeting with your boss, you want him or her to see that you've done your research. Arrange to meet with a human resources staff member to discuss your company's guidelines.

2. Plan to ask at the right time. This can mean the difference between being granted the raise and getting denied. The best time is when the company is in good financial standing and when you personally have had a recent success.

3. Figure out how much you're worth. Take a look at all your job responsibilities and research what others in your industry get paid for doing the same work.

4. Make sure that you stay realistic. No matter what kind of a worker you are, you likely won't be able to make a huge jump in pay. You may have to treat your desired salary as a long-term goal and ask for several smaller raises over a longer period of time.

5. Schedule an appointment with your boss to discuss your raise. Don't make your big pitch in the hallway or elevator.

6. If you're nervous, plan what you'll say ahead of time. Make a list of your accomplishments and contributions to the company. Your boss is going to want to see why you deserve a raise.

7. Be professional when you meet with your boss. Don't make ultimatums or threats, beg, whine, or get angry. Rather than bringing you a raise, these tactics are more likely to get you a pink slip. State your case quickly and remain on-point. Time is money, and there are a lot of things that your boss could be doing instead of sitting down with you. Respect that and don't waste his or her time. Basically, tell him or her what you want and why you deserve it. Then listen carefully to what your boss has to say. Be open to other options like additional benefits or a better schedule if it's not possible to give you a monetary raise at the moment.

8. If your boss says now isn't the right time for a raise, ask for a timeline and suggestions as to how you can improve your chances. Understand that sometimes the matter isn't completely up to your immediate boss. Don't get bitter. Focus on the future and do the best you can for the company. If you continue to work hard, you'll be recognized for your efforts one way or another.

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