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Work Article Archive

Quit your job the right way
It's important to quit gracefully so that you maintain a good relationship with your employer.

Dating at work
If you're determined to multi-task and scope out the hotties while doing your filing, read on to learn how to best go about it.

Moving from college to the workplace
Now it's time for the hard part: finding a job.

How to deal with performance appraisals
Appraisals aren't just about your supervisor presenting you with a list of things you've done wrong; instead, the idea is to help you develop into the best employee you can be as well as ensure that targets are being met.

Negotiating a raise
One day you may wake up and realize that you're worth more than you're being paid.

Workplace etiquette
Rather than stifling you, etiquette can actually help you advance and succeed in your career.

Balancing work and your social life
Sometimes, finding a balance between one's social life and work life can be an overwhelming undertaking.

Tips for finding a job you love
For many of us, it's not about getting a job—it's about finding a job that we love.

Questions to ask when interviewing for unpaid internships
These questions should make it clear whether a particular internship is a good opportunity or a scam.

22 Tips to use at a networking event
For many people, networking events make a trip to the dentist seem fun.

What can night shift workers do to sleep better?
Many people do not always have the luxury or the good fortune of working a standard nine to five shift, Monday through Friday.

A travelling job experience
If you want to be able to travel around without having to worry about how much you are going to spend on a daily basis, then perhaps travel jobs will be ideal for you.


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