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Save Money on PSP Games and Downloads

by remme

I'm going to tell you about a few little known facts that will save you tons of money and still allow you to enjoy your PSP!

One of the sad facts about games is that they become obsolete relatively fast. The game console manufacturers make sure of that. They always want you to buy the latest while your current console is still very much functioning perfectly. It is just the nature of the industry.

But why should you pay top dollar for every game that comes along? What if you could buy the same game for less than half price? Or what if you could have access to games through a membership program where you can have access to over 100,000 games for the price of one game! Now wouldn't that be nice?

Let's examine some of these options.

In most many major cities here in the USA, there are used game stores that sell perfectly fine games at greatly discounted prices. They usually have a sign that says "buy, sell, or trade." These are excellent sources for bargains because they buy the games for peanuts and sell them at a 3 to 5 times margin—yes, that is five times the price they paid for it. I would not recommend trading with the bigger chains because they will give you the least for your trade-ins. Seek out the smaller stores who will be hungrier for your used games and therefore will give you more for your trade-ins because the more games they have the better their chance of selling them and also the more valuable they become in their customers' eyes because of the selection they have.

Another often overlooked source for buying games at a discount is Ebay. Yes, the granddaddy of all deals. You have to be careful though who you deal with. One of the things that has made Ebay so successful is their vendor and buyer rating system. It basically allows you to see who is reliable and who is not. My recommendation is that you only buy from sellers who have an 89% or better positive rating and have at least about 75 transactions. You may be tempted to deal with someone with a lesser rating than that because they have the lowest price, but I would strongly advice you against it.

The best option for buying PSP games is signing up for PSP game download memberships. Basically, you pay once every year and you have access to a lot of PSP game downloads for only about $40 - $60 dollars!

You may need to buy some accessories for your console, but the long term savings will be well worth the investment. There are a lot of those PSP game download membership sites out there, and here also you must be careful whom you deal with.

A common problem some of the bad sites have is site outages and ultra slow downloads. Also, some will limit your access to a specific amount of games and sometimes do not even have a good selection of games. I researched some of them—check them out at unlimitedpspgames and allpspgames. One of these will give you access to a whopping 100,000 games that you can download and their download speeds are good as well.

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