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10 Romantic Ways to Propose Marriage

by Jason Parker

For any man, when it comes to asking the woman he loves to marry him, he needs to come up with a way that will truly sweep her off her feet and get her to say yes. Below we offer you some ideas, which you may want to consider using when thinking of proposing to your girlfriend in the future.

1. Why not recreate the first date that you went on with her? Not only will this bring back lots of happy memories of that very special day ,but will also get her in the right mood when you do finally propose. Many women will appreciate the effort that a man has gone to in order to recreate a time that was extremely special and important to them.

2. Plan a surprise picnic in a spot that you both like and which again brings back happy memories of when you first started going out together. To further add to the romance of the occasion, spell out "Marry Me" using some stones or seashells (if at the beach).

3. Another very romantic way of proposing to the woman you love is by cooking a meal that she enjoys. Then during during the meal hand her a glass of champagne, into which you have placed the engagement ring.

4. If you are going to be proposing to your partner at Christmas, then arrange for her to come to your place to see your Christmas tree. Rather than having it decorated in the usual way, just have the lights on it along with one small decoration—the engagement ring.

5. Another great idea for a romantic marriage proposal is to buy a charm bracelet, but instead charms, arrange to have the words "Marry Me" spelled out on it instead.

6. If you really want to do something a little more different, but still romantic, then get yourself a box of children's Valentine's Day cards. Then on each one place a different message. On the very last one write "Will You Marry Me."

7. If you have a girlfriend who likes chocolates, buy her a box of her favorite ones (preferably in a heart-shaped box). Then remove one and instead replace this with the engagement ring.

8. Another way of proposing marriage romantically to the woman of your dreams is by buying a dozen red roses and tying the ring onto the bouquet. When she sees it, ask her to marry you.

9. Get a single red rose and then just gently place the ring inside its petals before carefully handing it to her. As soon as she moves towards the rose in order to smell it, she should see the ring and at this stage you can ask her to marry you.

10. Another way of proposing romantically to your partner is to first speak with her father and then with all those who are important to her, ask her to marry you.

Hopefully these 10 romantic ways to propose marriage have given you food for thought.

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Jason Parker is a relationships expert, author, and owner of, where delightful gift baskets abound.

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