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The Most Amazing Mouthwatering Steak

by KP

The most palatable of all ways to cook a steak is simply to grill it. The best grilling steaks are actually sirloin steaks, but these steaks tend to be a little bit tough. Two other excellent grilling steaks are the T-bone steak, and the porterhouse steak, because the bone or bones in them add an additional flavor. Rib-eye steaks also make superb grilling steaks, along with rib steaks. Because of steep prices, filet mignon steaks are not your typical grilling steaks. The best grilling steaks are those that are thick rather than thin, because thin grilling steaks tend to form an interesting crust around them, which can interfere with how the steak is cooked.

When it comes to grilling steaks, the most preferred kind are marbled steaks. Marbling is essentially streaks of white fat inside the red meat. The whiter the marbling, the more likely the flavor is to be absolutely perfect. Most of the fat that is in the meat during cooking will liquefy, which leaves the steak to simmer within its own fat and offers a taste that's incomparable to other cooking methods.

The best trick for grilling steaks does not lie in the actual grilling process, but instead through proper marinade use. Marinating should be done within two to three hours of grilling the steaks, unless the steak you are working with is a flank steak (in this case you should marinate overnight for the rest results). The best marinades when grilling stakes are acidic liquids, including but not limited to lemon juices, tomato juices, wine, whiskey, and curds. Marinades are responsible for making the meat easier to grill and more tender.

Another important factor worth considering when it comes to grilling steaks is what type of barbecue grill you actually use. Buying decent-brand charcoal and lighter fluid actually does play a part in the quality of your grilling. Cheap varieties of these products do not tend to burn in a uniform way, which will prevent the meat from grilling through evenly when you are grilling steaks. Using an E-Z Hook, fork, or spatula, you should turn your meat over two to three times when grilling if you want the meat to be cooked thoroughly and uniformly.

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